I am not original.

Beautiful, artful, intricate ideas provoke my interest and I get inspired. and then other context happens, maybe some r&d. maybe i start something, then set it aside. for a while. maybe start working on it a little. Then BOOM I make art, a condensation materialization straight from the mind sphere... into something. Art creation is materializing aether-thots into manifestations. Deliciously divine. Most of my manifestations lately are turtle drawings.

Here is some of my art:


Golden Goose

Alpha Red

Yellow Squid

See the whole Color Series on RedBubble!

Pretty Purple

While playing RuneScape during my "Draw A Turtle Everyday challenge", I drew RuneScape Turtles! I LABORIOUSLY uploaded them all up to RedBubble as stickers. Check them out here if you want 1, 4, or 10.

I like turtles. You can buy them at stickers on RedBubble!

I am drawing them everyday, check it out on YouTube.

They appear in this card game I'm developing: TurtleParty.org

Some turtles look like Magic Cards! Ask me about proxies!

I'm on YouTube!

I like making videos on creative endeavors, handyman stuff, and high performance carbon sequestering straw bale houses. Check out my channel, Tommy Tommy Fieser right now! Don't forget to subscribe to catch the latest videos.

Finance Much?

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